Andy Hunt

Producer. Mixer.


Andy Hunt is a Musician

Look for him, and you find him here: sitting behind a mixing board, playing the guitar in his studio, or chatting with an artist about a record's direction. Andy loves to make good music. Really good music. Music that moves people.


Andy is a Producer

Good music requires great production. Responsible for the creative outcome of the record, Andy has the uncanny ability to help an artist complete their thoughts through arrangements. Working with many different artists such as Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, SHeDAISY, Lorien, and Reilly has proven over and over again that Andy is able to take each project to its unique full potential.


Andy is an Engineer

Good music begins with good instruments. By capturing sound and music using different pieces of vintage and new gear, the artists are given a chance to explore their own music to deeper levels. As a self-proclaimed gear geek, Andy fills his studio with unique pieces that create unique sounds. Most notably, Andy was part of the two man engineering team that tracked Buddy Guy, "Blues Singer", that won a Grammy for Best Traditional Blues Album in 2003. Other artists include Good Charlotte, Steven Curtis Chapman, Smash Mouth, Third Day, Jann Arden, and Olivia Newton-John, to name a few.


Andy is a Songwriter

Good music bubbles up from people who live it. He creates songs full of timeless lyrics, melodies from the heart, and musical rhythms that affect the listener. Songs that he has written, produced, recorded and mixed, have been on the radio across the globe. Andy often writes with the artists he produces as well as other songwriters from different genres around Nashville.


Andy is a Mixer

Good music is balanced and subtly strong. 

Andy takes the recorded pieces- voices, instruments, melodies and harmonies, and combines them in such a way that the end result places sound from front to rear and left to right. Every song has the skilled touch that a casual listener would not notice, but professionals hear right away. He has mixed for such artists as Leeland, Lissie, Steven Curtis Chapman, Phil Wickham, Brett Dennen, and Matthew Perryman Jones.


Photo by Jamie Hunt

Photo by Jamie Hunt

Music should be felt, not heard.

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