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Ellie Holcomb makes her first full length record.

I first worked with Drew and Ellie on the Neighborly Christmas record.  We spent 2 days at House of David studios (RIP) off of Music Row in Nashville and tracked the whole album live.  Even though it was early in the year, the studio was decked out in the Christmas Spirit.

When it came time to track "Blue Christmas", it started off like it should...  the band, as always, was on point, Ellie was warmed up and ready to go.  By the end of song Ellie was doing what Ellie does best, singing her heart out.  It's the kind of singing and performance that as a producer and engineer, you are riding this roller coaster of adrenaline just praying nothing goes wrong as you watch needles on the gear inch closer to the danger zone and the band doing just the right arrangement to support Ellie's chilling, goose bump giving performance.  As the last note is struck and the silence surrounds the tape, the band, Drew, and myself all erupt with congratulatory praise for Ellie's stunning performance. I believe the word "ninja" might have been used in the heat of the moment.  That was the take.  That was the first take.  That is what is on the record.  No editing, just a group of talented people giving their all and using the love that is given through Christ alone.

Several years later, Ellie is set to make her own full length record.  It has songs written by herself, as well as with others.  Record making takes capital.  It takes help from community and hard work by all involved.  She has started a kickstarter campaign to help raise funds and awareness for her record.  I highly suggest you AT LEAST watch the video.  It has one of her new songs as well as some info about the project.  

So excited to see the next year and beyond for Ellie.  I know this record is going to be a huge success.  Let's be a part of it, in on the ground floor.  


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