Andy Hunt

Producer. Mixer.


Production/Mixing Rates are a tough one to put down because I work on such a broad range of music and artists. Some folks have labels or investors backing them and others are paying out of pocket. I will say I enjoy working on great music and to me that's more important than the cost, so never hesitate to ask. Money doesn't mean good music. I'd love to hear what you've got and I'd be honored to be a part of it.

Engineering Rates: If all you need from me is to capture all the sonic goodness, I will more than happy to travel where ever you'd like or we can set up shop at my place. Let's find a rate that makes sense for all and make some good music.

Studio Rates are a little easier to call. I've got a killer studio space that can track up to 5 musicians at a time and no one suffers in sonics. It's currently set up in a "plug-n-play" fashion where we can record drums, bass, electric, baby grand, acoustic and vocals with just arming tracks, tweaking a few knobs, and hitting record. Of course the option to change the setup is available, it will just add to the time of the day. If you're needing a studio space and I'm not available due to budget or timing, two assistants have worked with me over the past several years and are fully capable in manning the ship in my absence. 

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